Fine Dining

at Grand Villa of Delray West

Grand Villa of Delray Beach West residents enjoy an outstanding dining experience. Our chefs prepare three delicious and nutritious meals each day, which are served in our restaurant-style dining room. Residents make their own meal selections from an extensive menu of nutritious choices. We also offer a variety of tasty snacks throughout the day.

The family-feel of our community shines through every time residents gather to share a meal and enjoy relaxed conversation. We make meals even more enjoyable and social with fun events such as Tasty Traditions, where residents share family recipes with our chefs, who then prepare a meal for the entire community to enjoy.

Grand Villa of Delray West


5859 Heritage Park Way Delray Beach, FL 33484


Passport Dining

Another resident favorite is our Passport Dining Experience, where we “travel the world” with cuisines from around the globe. And there’s always a crowd for Sundaes on Sunday, where we serve up old-fashioned, made-to-order ice cream sundaes.

We also love to celebrate birthdays, holidays, and accomplishments with a variety of meals and party food. From decadent birthday cakes to holiday must-haves, we mark every event in a special and memorable way.